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Reasons why agencies need to use My Agency Pal (MAP)

A unique programme called MyAgencyPal integrates the daily operations of Model & Talent management agencies, Artist Agencies, Casting Directors, Photo Reps, Photographers, and others.

It’s a fully web-based, responsive solution that makes life easier for one of the most advanced, successful firms in the world. One of the greatest integrated management systems on the market, the programme combines classic features with cutting-edge foundation technology. Furthermore, this ground-breaking technology offers a flexible management solution that raises the competence and general productivity of your company.

MyAgencyPal combines a variety of features designed specifically for the day-to-day operations of modelling and talent agencies, allowing users to improve bookings, keep and monitor appointments, modify pictures, and provide high-resolution packaging for customers.

Other important reasons for using MAP are the following:

  • Multiuser Calendar

Our sophisticated, interactive calendar offers a comprehensive range of features for organising, maintaining, and setting up appointments, castings/go-sees, reservations, and special events.

  • Image Gallery

The state-of-the-art image gallery on myagencypal makes it simple and quick to manage model and talent photos, films, and audio recordings. Build stunning portfolio packages with videos and high-resolution photos.

  • Synchronize your website with MAP

You may access the model(s) or talent(s) in your MAP account and present their images, videos, and other details right on your website. To help our clients save time and effort, our management solutions seamlessly interact with websites.