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Myagencypal is a game-changing tool that offers a versatile management solution for your business, boosting its effectiveness and productivity. With an array of features tailored to the day-to-day activities of Model & Talent Agencies, Artist Agencies, Casting Directors, Photo Reps, and Photographers, this innovative system empowers users to manage and track appointments, enhance job bookings, customize images, and create high-quality packaging for clients.


Multi-User Calendar

The Multiuser Calendar is a cutting-edge tool that allows you to efficiently plan, organize and schedule appointments, meetings, castings/go-sees, bookings and special events. With its modern and interactive interface, this web-based calendar ensures that information is always readily available and easily searchable. The MAP calendar also allows users to share their calendars with others in their organization, without requiring any specialized technical skills. It offers features such as scheduling both simple and complex tasks, sharing events with colleagues, planning private tasks and public events, assigning tasks to groups or individuals, managing user access rights, and accessing the calendar via mobile devices.

Image Gallery

With myagencypal's advanced image gallery, managing model/talent photos, videos, and audio files is quick and effortless. The system allows you to easily create stunning portfolio packages with high-definition images and videos, and you can upload multiple images simultaneously and edit portfolios from anywhere - whether you're at the office or on the go. Managing portfolios of photos and artwork is a critical aspect of your agency's business, and our cutting-edge framework technology provides a well-organized media platform that automatically resizes, converts, and encodes media into the most user-friendly format, ensuring a seamless experience.

Talent/ Model App

Utilize our talent login capabilities to efficiently handle your appointments, upload pictures, generate comp cards, and perform many other tasks.Note: These features are exclusively accessible to Talent who are being represented. Please reach out to your agent to inquire about obtaining an account.

Website Integration

With myagencypal, you can easily synchronize your website with your MAP account and display photos, videos, and attributes of your model/talent(s) directly on your site. Our system seamlessly integrates with websites, allowing clients to effortlessly keep their website up-to-date by simply updating their MAP account. In addition to our synchronization feature, we also offer custom website designs. If a client requires a unique appearance and functionality for their website and/or application, we can tailor a custom solution specifically to meet their needs.