This revolutionary system provides a multi-use management solution that increases the proficiency and overall productivity of your business. Combining a multitude of features specific to the daily operations of Model & Talent Agencies, Artist Agencies, Casting Directors, Photo Reps and Photographers, myagencypal enables users to maintain and monitor appointments, increase job bookings, adjust imagery and create high resolution packaging for clients.

Multiuser Calendar

Our interactive and modern calendar is a full-featured program for planning, managing, and scheduling appointments, meetings, castings/go-sees, bookings, and special events. Being a web based calendar, information is always accessible and can be searched much faster.

MAP calendar enables users to share calendars with other users in the organization. No degree in Computer Science is required!

  • Schedule simply and complex tasks
  • Share tasks and events in your organization
  • Plan private tasks and common events
  • Assign tasks to groups or individuals
  • Manage user access rights
  • Accessible via mobile devices

Image Gallery

myagencypal’s cutting-edge image gallery allows fast and easy management of model/talent photos, videos and audio files. Create beautiful portfolio packages with high-definition images and videos. Upload multiple images at once and edit portfolios at the comfort of your office or while you are on the move.

Managing portfolios of photos and artwork are a key element of the agency’s business model. Our state of the art frame work technology offers an organized media platform which automatically resizes, converts and encodes media into the most user-friendly format.

Synchronize your website with MAP

You can get photos, videos and attributes from the model/talent(s) in your MAP account and showcase them directly on your website.  Our management systems seemly integrates with websites to enable our clients to synchronize the two to save time and effort. Simply keep MAP updated and your website will follow.

We also do custom designs. When a client requires something unique in appearance and functionality we can custom build a website and/or application specifically for them.

Keep all your business management integrated through MAP. Issue invoices and register payments made by your clients. Simply set your preferences, enter in your amounts and let MAP do the rest! Print, email or export these as PDF or Excel files when required.

Forget the heavy and time-consuming emails you used to send your clients. Easily attach pictures, videos and audio files to your packages and make them available online for your clients to access from anywhere in the world. In just in a few clicks send your package to other agencies, prospects or clients and MAP will notify you as soon as they are opened.

Our powerful search functionality enables you to quickly identify which model/ talent would best suit your client’s requirement based on features, skills or specialties.

Because MAP is web-based, no installation or infrastructures are required. All the content and data you insert in MAP is always available for you whenever you need it. Work anytime and anywhere with just an Internet connection.