What is MyAgencyPal?

This revolutionary system provides a multi-use management solution that increases the proficiency and overall productivity of your business model. Combining a multitude of features specific to the daily operations of modelling and talent agencies, MyAgencyPal enables users to maintain and monitor appointments, increase bookings, adjust imagery and create high res packaging for clients. MAP is a fully web based and responsive system that simplifies the everyday requirements of one of the most sophisticated and thriving businesses in the world. The program boasts traditional functions along with state of the art frame work technology, making it one of the best integrated management systems available on the market.

Is MyAgencyPal free?

No. MAP is a subscription based system. To subscribe contact info@myagencypal.com

What are the system requirements for MyAgencyPal? And what do I need to run MyAgencyPal on my computer?

This system is simplified for fast efficient use across all devices and channels. The only requirements necessary is an up-to- date Internet browser and a stable broadband connection. The following Internet browsers work best:   Internet Explorer 8+ (version 8 or above is recommended) Google Chrome 20.0+ (Mac and PC) Safari 6+ (Mac and PC) Firefox 16.0.

What is a responsive site?

Responsive designs detect a visitor’s screen size and orientation and will change the layout of the site to suit the corresponding device.

Can I use MyAgencyPal with a PC or a Mac?

Yes. This system is fully web-based and is compatible on any device.

Can I customize MyAgencyPal?

Yes. There are customizable features included, such as, removable tabs, icons and themes.

Is there a limit to the number of bookers or models?

Yes. Bookers are limited to package options and there is no limit on the number of models uploaded on the system.

Can I add videos, photos, composite and snap cards of my models to MyAgencyPal?

Yes. You can upload high definition videos of your models alongside composite cards, snap cards and photos.

Is my data backed up?

Yes, your data is backed up daily on MyAgencyPal.

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